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In this course, Professor Nicola McEwen examines devolution in the United Kingdom. In the first lecture, we outline what devolution is, how it differs from federalism, and the key terminology involved in understanding devolution. In the second...

6 lectures


Professor Nicola McEwen

Edinburgh University

Government & Politics

Theories of Representation

In this course, Professor Andrew Blick (KCL) explores the theory and practice of representation in modern democracies. We begin by exploring the origins of representation in politics. Then, in the second lecture, we contrast representative...

6 lectures


Professor Andrew Blick

King's College London

Government & Politics

Prime Minister and Cabinet

This course explores the Prime Minister and cabinet, drawing examples from the tenures of Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May throughout. We begin with the history of the role of Prime Minister, before moving on in the second module to discuss the...

8 lectures


Dr Mitya Pearson

King's College London

Government & Politics

Progressive Conservatism

In this course, Dr Simon Griffiths (Goldsmiths, University of London) discuss the ideolog(ies) of the contemporary Conservative party in the UK. We begin in the first lecture by exploring the complex relationship between party and ideology, before...

5 lectures


Dr Simon Griffiths

Goldsmiths, University of London

Government & Politics

Think Tanks

This course explores the role of think tanks in UK Politics and is oriented around the UK Politics section of the Government and Politics A-Level specifications. We begin in the first lecture with a brief overview of what think tanks are, noting...

6 lectures


Professor Norin Arshed

Dundee University

Government & Politics

Alan Johnson on Parliament

This course takes the form of a series of questions put to former Labour MP and Cabinet member, Alan Johnson. In the first module we ask, “What is the relationship between the Prime Minister and Cabinet?”. We follow this in the second module with...

9 lectures


Mr Alan Johnson

UK Parliament

Government & Politics

Party Members

In this course, Professor Paul Webb (University of Sussex) explores party membership in the UK. In the first module, we ask why, if at all, parties still need party members, listing in detail the various purposes party members still serve in 2022....

5 lectures


Prof. Paul Webb

Sussex University

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