English Literature

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English Literature

Shakespeare: The Tempest

In this course, Dr Charles Moseley (Cambridge) explores Shakespeare's last play, 'The Tempest'. The first modules concentrate on historical context, looking in particular at the influence of the accession of King James to the throne, and the...

8 lectures


Dr Charles Moseley

University of Cambridge

English Literature

Shakespeare and Food

In this course, Dr Joan Fitzpatrick (Loughborough University) explores the role of food in Shakespeare’s plays, considering how contemporary understandings of food and diet play into the representation of food on Shakespeare’s stage. We begin with...

5 lectures


Dr Joan Fitzpatrick

Loughborough University

English Literature

Shakespeare and Print Culture

In this course, Professor Helen Smith (University of York) explores the relationship between early modern print culture and the works of Shakespeare. In the first module, we go through a brief overview of printing discussing the innovation of...

5 lectures


Prof. Helen Smith

York University

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