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English Language

Accent and Dialect

In this course, Dr Chris Montgomery (University of Sheffield) explores accent and dialect variation, and also attitudes to accent and dialect variation. In the first module, we introduce some of the key terms associated with accent and dialect,...

7 lectures


Dr Chris Montgomery

Sheffield University

English Language

Accent Bias

In this course, Dr Dominic Watt (University of York) explores the concept of accent bias – the idea that some accents are considered 'better' or 'more correct' than others. In the first module, we think about what we mean when we talk about...

4 lectures


Dr Dominic Watt

York University

English Language

Phonetics and Phonology

In this course, Professor Jane Setter (University of Reading) provides an introduction to phonetics and phonology. In the first module, we look at the speech chain and think about how people actually understand speech. In the two modules after...

8 lectures


Prof. Jane Setter

Reading University

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