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Dynamic Equilibrium

In this course, Professor Karl Haushalter of Harvey Mudd College introduces the topic of dynamic equilibrium, a unique state of a chemical reaction with unique properties. Understanding these properties is central to optimising industrial...

6 lectures


Prof. Karl Haushalter

Harvey Mudd College


Machine Learning in Chemistry

In this course Professor Mark Tuckerman introduces us to the concept of machine learning, a relatively new approach in computer science to solving complex problems. Machine learning has already proved to have widespread applications in industry...

4 lectures


Prof. Mark Tuckerman

New York University


The Mechanical Bond

In this course Professor Steve Goldup (University of Southampton) introduces the mechanical bond. In chemistry you have likely come across covalent, ionic, and metallic bonds but the mechanical bond is much more niche with a mostly untapped...

7 lectures


Prof. Steve Goldup

Aquinas College

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