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The Eye and the Brain

In this course, Dr Daniel Baker (University of York) introduces the structure and function of the eye, and how alongside the brain it takes in and processes visual information. We begin by: (i) introducing how light enters the eye through its...

5 lectures


Dr Daniel Baker

York University


DNA Damage and Repair

In this course, Professor Karl Haushalter (Harvey Mudd College) introduces the ways in which our genetic code can be damaged and consequently mutate, as well as the mechanisms that protect this code from that very same damage. We begin by...

5 lectures


Prof. Karl Haushalter

Harvey Mudd College


Muscle Physiology

In this course, Professor Jon Scott (Independent Scholar) gives us an overview of muscle physiology, looking at their structure on a macro- and microscopic level. We begin by (i) understanding the importance of muscles as a means of the brain...

6 lectures


Prof. Jon Scott

Independent Scholar



In this lecture, Professor Matthew Cobb (University of Manchester) teaches us about our oldest sense: the sense of smell. Smell (or olfaction) has allowed animals to detect food and other mating individuals, sense danger as well as a wide variety...

5 lectures


Prof. Matthew Cobb

Manchester University

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