The Presidency of Ronald Reagan, 1981-89
In this course, Professor Iwan Morgan (University College, London) explores the presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-89). In the first module, we think about Reagan's handling of the economy, focusing in particular on the shift away from the economic orthodoxy of the past fifty years to adopt supply-side economics and monetarism. After that, we think about Reagan's attempts to reduce government spending, before turning in the third module to consider his impact on American culture and society. In the fourth module, we think about the broad political changes that took place during Reagan's administration, before turning in the fifth and final module to consider the extent to which Reagan restored the prestige of an office that had been diminished by Vietnam, Watergate, and the underwhelming administrations of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.
What this playlist includes:
11 lectures across 2 courses.
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Courses and Lectures
1. US History – The Presidency of Ronald Reagan, 1981-89
Prof. Iwan Morgan
1.1. The Economy – 11:44
1.2. Big Government – 10:24
1.3. Social Change – 14:01
1.4. Political Change – 10:17
1.5. The Presidency – 11:21
2. US History – The Presidency of Ronald Reagan, 1981-89
Dr James Cooper
York St John University
2.1. Introduction – 02:14
2.2. The Economy – 09:44
2.3. Government – 09:01
2.4. Social Change – 08:19
2.5. The Presidency – 10:03
2.6. Foreign Policy – 11:21
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