The French Revolution, 1789-99
In this course, Professor Dave Andress (University of Portsmouth) considers eight key questions related to the French Revolution of 1789-99: (1) Did Louis XVI ever try to make the Constitutional Monarchy work? (2) To what extent did the National Assembly reform French society and government? (3) How important was the Catholic church in the Revolution? (4) How did the ‘abolition of feudalism’ affect life in the countryside? (5) To what extent was Robespierre responsible for the development of the Terror in the years 1793-94? (6) To what extent was the Terror about putting an end to the Counter-Revolution? (7) What did ‘Thermidor’ mean for the course of the Revolution? (8) How successful was the Directory in restoring stability to France in the years 1795-99?
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Courses and Lectures
1. France – The French Revolution, 1789-99
Prof. David Andress
Portsmouth University
1.5. Robespierre – 09:26
1.6. The Terror – 14:25
1.7. Thermidor – 07:37
1.8. The Directory – 11:06
2. France – The French Revolution, 1789-99
Dr Tom Stammers
Durham University
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