Language, Gender and Sexuality
In this course, Dr Lucy Jones (University of Nottingham) explores language use through the lens of gender and sexuality. In the first module, we outline some of the traditional approaches to the question of why men and women use language differently. After that, we think about some of the more recent, constructionist approaches. In the third module, we explore the relationship between language and sexuality, before turning in the fourth module to think about language in relation to transgender identities. A short final module sums up the key learnings from this course, as well as providing some recommending reading.
What this playlist includes:
11 lectures across 2 courses.
All resources designed and delivered by university academics and researchers.
Courses and Lectures
1. Language, Gender and Sexuality
Dr Lucy Jones
Nottingham University
1.1. Traditional Approaches – 07:35
1.3. Language and Sexuality – 07:30
1.4. Transgender Identities – 07:07
1.5. Summing Up – 03:36
2. Language, Gender and Sexuality
Prof. Helen Sauntson
York St John University
2.1. Introduction and Overview – 10:32
2.3. Schools and Classrooms – 08:04
2.4. News Reporting – 10:10
2.5. Online Media – 09:01
2.6. Discrimination – 12:43
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