Germany – Nazi Germany, 1933-45
In this course, Dr Lisa Pine (London South Bank University) explores several aspects of Nazi Germany. In the first module, we think about the rise of Nazism from the foundation of the DAP (later the NSDAP) in 1919 to Hitler's appointment as Chancellor in 1933. After that, we think about the impact of the Great Depression specifically on the rise of the Nazi Party, before turning in the third module to the question of what kind of people voted (and did not vote) for the Nazis. In the fourth module, we think about the importance of the propaganda and the 'Hitler myth' to the stability of the Nazi regime, before turning in the fifth module to consider the role of coercion and terror, focusing in particular on the role of Nazi secret police, the Gestapo, and the extensive concentration camp network that lasted between 1933-44. Finally, in the sixth module, we think about the experience of women in Nazi Germany.
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Courses and Lectures
1. Germany – Nazi Germany, 1933-45
Dr Lisa Pine
London South Bank University
1.1. The Rise of Nazism – 12:09
1.2. The Great Depression – 10:38
1.3. Who voted for the Nazis? – 15:02
1.5. Coercion and Terror – 14:39
1.6. Women in Nazi Germany – 11:11
2. Germany – Nazi Germany, 1933-45
Prof. Neil Gregor
Southampton University
2.4. Foreign Policy – 07:22
2.5. Opposition and Dissent – 09:46
2.6. Terror and Repression – 08:48
2.7. Consensus and Support – 10:16
2.8. Women – 07:20
2.9. Education and Culture – 07:49
2.10. The Holocaust – 09:22
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