Euripides: Medea
In this course, Professor Judith Mossman (University of Nottingham) explores Euripides’ Medea, a play which depicts a marital breakdown so severe that it leads to one woman taking revenge on her husband by killing their two children. As we move through the course, we think about a number of issues, including: the original performance context of the play, earlier treatments of the figure of Medea and what Euripides’ did differently, the idea of Medea as a character that is somehow “masculine” or “barbarian”, and the astonishing final scene in which Medea escapes Corinth in the Chariot of the Sun.
What this playlist includes:
12 lectures across 2 courses.
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Courses and Lectures
1. Euripides: Medea
Prof. Judith Mossman
Nottingham University
1.1. Performance Context – 04:32
1.3. Women and Men – 07:59
1.4. Greeks and Barbarians – 04:59
1.5. What Does Jason Do Wrong? – 05:08
1.6. The Final Scene – 06:32
2. Euripides: Medea
Dr Lucy Jackson
Durham University
2.1. Medea in Myth – 12:40
2.2. Medea and Revenge – 04:55
2.3. Medea and Democracy – 07:05
2.4. Medea and the Gods – 09:46
2.5. The Chorus in Medea – 10:08
2.6. Medea and Women – 06:17
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