Dickens: Hard Times
In this course, Dr Alfie Bown (University of Manchester) explores Dickens’ 1854 novel, Hard Times. As we move through the course, we think about the philosophy of Utilitarianism (thinking in particular about Mr. Gradgrind), about class (thinking in particular about Mr. Bounderby), about regulation and surveillance in Coketown (thinking in particular about Mrs. Sparsit) and, finally, about comedy (thinking in particular about the Circus).
What this playlist includes:
11 lectures across 2 courses.
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Courses and Lectures
1. Dickens: Hard Times
Dr Alfie Bown
Royal Holloway, London
1.1. Introduction – 06:50
1.2. Utilitarianism – 08:17
1.3. Fact vs. Fancy – 09:56
1.4. Class – 09:13
1.5. Spying and Regulation – 09:09
1.6. Comedy – 09:14
2. Dickens: Hard Times
Prof. John Bowen
York University
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