Carter: The Bloody Chamber
In this course, Professor Marie Mulvey-Roberts (University of the West of England) explores Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber. We begin by providing an introduction to Carter herself, focusing in particular on the range of her literary output and her interest in folklore and fairy tales. In the five modules that follow, we focus on four of the constituent stories in The Bloody Chamber: in the second and third modules, we focus on the first story in the collection, ‘The Bloody Chamber’; in the fourth module, we focus on ‘The Erl-King’; in the fifth module, ‘The Lady in the House of Love’; and in the sixth module, ‘Wolf-Alice’. The seventh module provides some conclusions to the course as a whole.
What this playlist includes:
12 lectures across 2 courses.
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Courses and Lectures
1. Carter: The Bloody Chamber
Prof. Marie Mulvey-Roberts
UWE Bristol
1.1. Angela Carter – 07:45
1.2. ‘The Bloody Chamber’ – 06:16
1.3. Bluebeard’s Wives – 08:13
1.4. The Erl-King – 06:45
1.6. Wolf-Alice – 04:38
1.7. Conclusion – 02:57
2. Carter: The Bloody Chamber
Dr Helen Stoddart
Glasgow University
2.1. Introduction – 13:01
2.2. Fireworks – 13:43
2.4. The Tiger's Bride – 10:37
2.5. Critical Debates – 14:24
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