Virgil: Aeneid: Book 6
In this course, Professor Llewelyn Morgan (University of Oxford) explores Book 6 of Virgil’s Aeneid. It will be particularly useful for those reading Book 6 of the Aeneid as their verse set text for OCR Latin GCSE (J282). In the first lecture, we provide a broad introduction to Virgil’s Aeneid as a whole, as well as to Book 6 in particular. In the second lecture, we look a little more closely at some episodes in Book 6, before turning in the third module to think about Virgil’s use of similes in Book 6, as well as his success in communicating the sheer strangeness of the land of the dead in his poetry.
What this playlist includes:
9 lectures across 2 courses.
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Courses and Lectures
1. Virgil: Aeneid: Book 6
Prof. Llewelyn Morgan
University of Oxford
2. Virgil: Aeneid: Book 6
Prof. Philip Hardie
University of Cambridge
2.3. The Sibyl – 10:30
2.4. Virgil's Underworld – 11:39
2.5. Ghosts from Aeneas' Past – 10:13
2.6. The Pageant of Heroes – 11:03
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