UK Government
This Playlist brings together seven courses on the UK Government. Ideal for those taking Edexcel A Level Politics (9PL0).
What this playlist includes:
34 lectures across 7 courses.
All resources designed and delivered by university academics and researchers.
Courses and Lectures
1. The Constitution of the United Kingdom
Dr Matthew Cole
Birmingham University
2. The Westminster Model and the Civil Service
Dr Patrick Diamond
3. Politics in Northern Ireland, 1921-Present
Dr Catherine McGlynn
Huddersfield University
4. Parliament in the United Kingdom
Dr Louise Thompson
Manchester University
4.1. Conflict – 11:35
4.2. Divisions – 11:21
4.3. Political Parties – 16:17
4.4. The House of Lords – 12:44
4.5. Brexit – 13:10
5. The Party System in the United Kingdom
Prof. Paul Webb
Sussex University
6. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Dr Richard Heffernan
Open University
7. The UK and the European Union
Dr Simon Usherwood
Surrey University
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