Shakespeare: Hamlet
"To be, or not to be, that is the question." Find out the answer to that question and many more with our Hamlet playlist. Featuring forty-two lectures across four courses, this playlist explores the play act-by-act and scene-by-scene, as well as exploring key contexts, character analysis, theme and critical reception.
What this playlist includes:
34 lectures across 4 courses.
All resources designed and delivered by university academics and researchers.
What you will be learning about:
Shakespeare's Hamlet
Courses and Lectures
1. Shakespeare: Hamlet
Prof. John McRae
Nottingham University
2. Shakespeare: Hamlet
Prof. John Lennard
Independent Scholar
2.1. Hamlet as Revenge Tragedy – 10:43
2.2. The Ghost – 10:02
2.3. Comparisons – 10:46
2.4. The Role of Hamlet – 10:25
2.5. Metatheatre – 11:34
3. Shakespeare on Stage
Prof. Tiffany Stern
Royal Holloway, London
3.1. Parts and Rehearsals – 11:24
3.2. Parts of the Theatre – 05:33
3.3. Props – 07:15
3.4. Shakespeare's Theatres – 10:28
3.5. Shakespeare's Actors – 06:21
3.6. Time in Shakespeare – 11:18
4. Seneca and Early Modern Drama
Dr Helen Slaney
University of Oxford
4.1. Shakespeare's Sources – 08:17
4.2. Seneca – 14:36
4.3. Elizabethan Seneca – 12:50
4.5. Revenge Tragedy – 11:57
4.7. The Roman History Play – 12:36
4.8. Restoration Seneca – 14:16
What Next?
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