Crime and Deviance
This Playlist brings together multiple courses on the topic of Crime and Deviance explored in A-Level Sociology.
What this playlist includes:
42 lectures across 8 courses.
All resources designed and delivered by university academics and researchers.
Courses and Lectures
1. Crime Statistics
Dr Stephanie Fohring
Northumbria University
2. Situational Crime Prevention
Prof. Kate Bowers
3. Crime and the Media
Dr Francesca Menichelli
Surrey University
4. Gender and Crime
Dr Karen Evans
Liverpool University
5. Prisons, Punishment and Penology
Dr David Scott
Open University
6. Transnational and Environmental Crime
Prof. Tanya Wyatt
Northumbria University
7. Green Criminology
Dr Angus Nurse
Nottingham Trent University
8. The Stephen Lawrence Case
Dr Anthony Gunter
Open University
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