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Tort Theory

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Theory of Tort Law

In this course, Professor Sandy Steel (University of Oxford) explores the theory of tort law. In the first module, we look at some of the leading aspects and theories in tort law. In the second module, we evaluate the significance of the Caparo test as a general test for duty of care in the tort of negligence. In the third module, we discuss duty of care relating to pure economic loss before turning to breach of duty in the fourth module. In the fifth module, we examine the doctrine of vicarious liability. Finally, in the sixth module, we look at the remedy of granting injunctions.

Tort Theory

In this module, we look at the theory of tort law, and focus in particular on (i) liability in tort law (ii) general principles of liability to pay compensation (ii) the efficiency account (iii) the wrongdoing account (iv) the nature of ‘wrong’ in the context of general features of tort law (v) fault-based and strict liability wrongs.

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Prof. Sandy Steel

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