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Scriptural Proofs

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Messianic Prophecies

In this course, Dr James Carleton Paget (University of Cambridge) explores Messianic Prophecies in the context of the New Testament. In the first module, we introduce the function of scriptural proofs, and important citations in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In the second module, we examine the figure of the ‘suffering servant’ in Isaiah, potential allusions to the suffering servant in the Gospels, and whether such allusions are convincing. In the third module, we come to look at the son of David as a messianic figure and the identification of Jesus with David in the Gospels, before turning to debates concerning the messianic secret in the fourth module. In the fifth and final module, we examine some further citations from Matthew which inform his presentation of the person of Jesus.

Scriptural Proofs

In this module, we examine the role of scriptural proofs in Jesus’ teachings, focusing in particular on (i) the language of tradition in the Pauline letters concerning Jesus’ death and resurrection (ii) citations of scripture in the openings of the Gospels of Mark and Luke (iii) the significance of the reference to Genesis in the opening of the Gospel of John (iv) the evidence of the earliest theology of the Church as scriptural from Testimony Books (v) the theologising of the suffering of Jesus.

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Dr James Carleton Paget

Dr James Carleton Paget

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