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Classics & Ancient History   >   Euripides: Hippolytus

The Prologue

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Euripides: Hippolytus

In this course, Dr James Morwood (University of Oxford) explores Euripides’ Hippolytus, a play in which the goddess Cypris, takes revenge on Hippolytus for his refusal to worship her. As we move through the course, we focus on six scenes on particular interest, providing close reading and analysis, as well as thinking about broader themes in this play specifically and in Athenian tragedy more generally.

The Prologue

In this module, we focus on the opening of he play, in which the goddess Cypris explains what she has planned for Hippolytus, as well as Hippolytus’ first entrance in the play.

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Dr James Morwood

Dr James Morwood

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