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Greek Art

In this course, we explore the art and architecture of the Greek world, looking in particular at free-standing sculpture (both Archaic and Classical), architectural sculpture, vase painting, and temple architecture. Within each of these categories, we explore issues of style, composition and techniques, the various functions of art and architecture, and general themes.


This module provides a basic framework with which one can approach the art and architecture of the Greek world. In particular, it outlines the formal and historical approaches to art, and provides a basic introduction to the geography of the Greek world (the location of Athens in relation to the Panhellenic sanctuaries at Delphi and Olympia) as well as an outline to the basic chronology, from Archaic Greece (c. 700 - 480 BC) to Classical (480 - 323 BC) and then to Hellenistic (323 - 31 BC)

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