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Medicine Through Time - John Snow and Cholera, 1813-58

In this course, Professor Pamela Gilbert (University of Florida) looks at the 1854 cholera outbreak in England and the role played by John Snow in the pandemic. In the first module, we look at Britain’s first impressions of cholera, before in the...

5 lectures


Prof. Pamela Gilbert

University of Florida


Medicine Through Time – The Black Death, 1346-52

In this course, Dr John Aberth (Castleton State College) explores approaches to the treatment of the Black Death and attempts to stop its spread. In the first module, we use a re-enactment to look at how the fourteenth century medical student...

5 lectures


Dr John Aberth

Independent Scholar


The Tudors - Women and Print Culture, 1509-1603

In this course, Professor Helen Hackett (University College London) explores women and print culture in Tudor England. In the first module, we look at how women were defined in print and how Tudor print culture was used to write about women. In...

5 lectures


Prof. Helen Hackett



Medicine Through Time - Andreas Vesalius, 1514-64

In this course, Professor Dániel Margócsy (University of Cambridge) looks at the 16th-century anatomist and physician Andreas Vesalius (1514-64) and his contribution to medicine. In the first module, we look at Vesalius himself and then turn to...

5 lectures


Prof. Dániel Margócsy

University of Cambridge


Medicine Through Time - The English Medical Renaissance: A Gendered Perspective

In this course, Professor Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins University) looks at women’s role in the English Medical Renaissance, spanning from 1400-1800. In the first module, we look at who practiced medicine in early modern Europe. In the second...

3 lectures


Prof. Mary Fissell

Johns Hopkins University

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