The history of the world from Charlemagne onwards.


Ireland in the 20th Century, 1912-Present

This course explores the making of modern Ireland, beginning in 1912 and ending in the modern day, and is split into five modules. The first module ('Birth of a Nation, 1912-32') looks at the violent period in Irish history between...

5 lectures


Prof. Brian Girvin

University of Glasgow


The French Revolution, 1789-99

In this course, we explore one of the most important events in world history, the French Revolution. We begin by looking at politics and society in 18th-century France, exploring the Absolutism of the French monarchy and the Ancien Regime. After...

6 lectures


Dr Tom Stammers

Durham University


The USA and Japan, 1941-52

In this course, we explore the relationship between the United States and Japan between the attack on Pearl Harbour to the San Francisco Peace Conference and the end of US occupation of Japan. In six modules, we explore the relationship...

6 lectures


Dr Christopher Harding

Edinburgh University