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US History - Failure of Compromise, 1848-61

In this course, Professor Nicole Etcheson (Ball State University) explores the failures of compromise between North and South during the 1850s. In the first module, we examine the question of whether there could be a compromise on slavery at all....

15 lectures


Prof. Nicole Etcheson

Ball State University


Britain – Aspects of Politics, 1714-80

In this course, Professor Jeremy Black (University of Exeter) discusses British politics from 1714-80. We start by looking at the challenges the new Hanoverian monarchy faced in this period, mainly from the rival Jacobite claimants. We then turn...

7 lectures


Prof. Jeremy Black

Exeter University


US History – Colonial Society and Culture, 1607-1754

In this course, Dr Jonathan Barth (Arizona State University) examines how and why the movement of a variety of people and ideas across the Atlantic contributed to the development of American culture in the period 1607-1754. In the first module, we...

5 lectures


Dr Jonathan Barth

Arizona State University


US History – Foreign Policy and the Debates Over Imperialism, 1865-98

In this course, Professor Jay Sexton (University of Missouri) explains the similarities and differences in attitudes about the US’s proper role in the world in the period 1865-98. We start by looking at the key continuities in US foreign policy...

6 lectures


Prof. Jay Sexton

University of Missouri


US History – American Culture, 1754-1800

In this course, Professor Zara Anishanslin (University of Delaware) examines American culture from 1754 to 1800. In the first module, we answer the question "What is an American?". After this, we focus in on the development of American...

5 lectures


Prof. Zara Anishanslin

University of Delaware


Cold War - Opposition and Support for the Vietnam War, 1954-75

In this course, Professor Kendrick Oliver (University of Southampton) explores opposition and support for the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War. In the first module, we consider whether there was a Cold War consensus in the US on the...

6 lectures


Prof Kendrick Oliver

Southampton University


Medicine Through Time – Smoking and Lung Cancer, 1945-2015

In this course, Professor Virginia Berridge (LSHTM) examines the history of the connection between smoking and lung cancer. We start by looking at when the connection was discovered and how this linked to the sweeping changes occurring in public...

5 lectures


Prof. Virginia Berridge



US History – Jackson and Federal Power, 1824-52

In this course, Professor Sean Adams (University of Florida) examines the presidency of Andrew Jackson and how it relates to federal power in the United States. With this in mind, the course seeks to explain the causes and effects of the...

6 lectures


Prof. Sean Adams

University of Florida


US History – Movement in the Early Republic, 1754-1800

In this course, Professor Stephen Rockwell (St. Joseph's College, New York) explains how and why migration and immigration to and within North America caused competition and conflict over the period 1754-1800. We start by looking at immigration to...

6 lectures


Prof. Stephen Rockwell

St. Joseph's College, New York


US History – The Rise of Political Parties and the Era of Jefferson, 1789-1809

In this course, Professor John Pinheiro (Aquinas College) explains the causes and effects of policy debates in the early republic. We start by looking at George Washington's presidency - explaining how it came about and summarising some of the key...

6 lectures


Prof. John Pinheiro

Aquinas College


US History – African Americans in the Early Republic, 1800-48

In this course, Professor Julie Winch (University of Massachusetts, Boston) explains the continuities and changes in the experience of African Americans from 1800 to 1848. In the first two modules, we look at the methods we use to search for the...

7 lectures


Prof. Julie Winch

University of Massachusetts, Boston


US History – America on the World Stage, 1800-48

In this course, Professor Brian Rouleau (Texas A&M University) explains how and why American foreign policy developed and expanded over the period 1800-48. We start by looking at the Louisiana Purchase and how the US was able to purchase this vast...

5 lectures


Prof. Brian Rouleau

Texas A&M University


US History – Ratification, the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights, 1787-91

In this course, Professor Woody Holton (University of South Carolina) discusses the ratification of the US Constitution, along with the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights. We start by looking at the structure of the Constitution - the...

4 lectures


Prof. Woody Holton

University of South Carolina


The Tudors - Elizabethan Catholicism in the British Isles, 1533-1603

In this course, Dr Francis Young (University of Oxford) explores Catholicism in the British Isles during the reign of Elizabeth I. In the first module, we look at Elizabeth I’s relationship with Catholicism, paying particular attention to how her...

6 lectures


Dr Francis Young

Oxford University

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