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Classics & Ancient History

Alexander the Great

In this course, we explore the life, achievements, and legacy of Alexander the Great. In particular, we look at Alexander’s military career, his women and his relationship with the gods to ask the question, Alexander the Great – hero or...

6 lectures


Prof. Paul Cartledge

University of Cambridge


The Tudors – Elizabeth I and the Succession Crises, 1558-1603

In this course, Professor John Morrill (University of Cambridge) explores the reign of Elizabeth I (1533-1603) through the lens of the succession crisis that she faced throughout her life – both at the beginning of her reign in 1558, and...

6 lectures


Prof. John Morrill

University of Cambridge

Classics & Ancient History

Herodotus: Histories

In this course, Professor Robin Osborne (University of Cambridge) explores the Histories of Herodotus. In the first module, we discuss what the Histories are actually about, before thinking about the form of the Histories—its overall structure, as...

4 lectures


Prof. Robin Osborne

University of Cambridge

English Language

Language, Gender and Sexuality

In this course, Professor Helen Sauntson (York St John University) explores language, gender and sexuality. In the first module, we provide an introduction to the field, including an overview of recent research. In the second module, we think...

6 lectures


Prof. Helen Sauntson

York St John University

English Literature

Joyce: Dubliners

In this course, we look at James Joyce's collection of short stories, Dubliners. In particular, we explore key themes in the collection by looking at groups of 2-3 stories. Having given an introduction to the Dublin of the late-19th and...

6 lectures


Mr Nicholas Collins

Warwick University

English Literature

Shakespeare: Coriolanus

In this course, Dr Martin Wiggins (The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham) explores Shakespeare's Coriolanus. We begin by thinking about the political circumstances in which the action of the play takes place, focusing in particular...

8 lectures


Dr Martin Wiggins

The Shakespeare Institute


The Norman Conquest and the Reign of William the Conqueror, 1035-87

In this course, Professor David Bates (University of East Anglia) explores English history between 1035-87, focusing in particular on the Norman Conquest and the reign of William the Conqueror. After an introduction to the course as a whole in...

12 lectures


Prof. David Bates

University of East Anglia


Cold War – The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

In this course, Professor Mark White (Queen Mary, University of London) explores the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. We begin by thinking about the background to the Cuban Missile Crisis, including Kennedy’s policies towards Cuba ...

5 lectures


Prof. Mark White


Classics & Ancient History

Democracy and the Athenians: Solon

In this course, Professor Hans van Wees (University College, London) explores the reforms of Solon in the early sixth century BC. We begin by thinking about the social and political problems faced by Athens in the period, before moving on...

6 lectures


Prof. Hans van Wees



The USA and Japan, 1941-52

In this course, we explore the relationship between the United States and Japan between the attack on Pearl Harbour to the San Francisco Peace Conference and the end of US occupation of Japan. In six modules, we explore the relationship...

6 lectures


Dr Christopher Harding

Edinburgh University

Classics & Ancient History

Politics of the Late Republic: Cicero the Orator

In this course, Professor Catherine Steel (University of Glasgow) explores Cicero as an orator in a set of lectures designed to be used alongside the OCR A Level Classical Civilization option, ‘Politics and the Late Republic’. In the first module,...

3 lectures


Prof. Catherine Steel

Glasgow University


US History – Reform in the Gilded Age, 1870-1900

In this course, Professor Susan Curtis (Purdue University) explains how different reform movements responded to the rise of industrial capitalism in the Gilded Age. In the first three modules, we look at this through the lens of the economy -...

9 lectures


Prof. Susan Curtis

Purdue University

English Language

Semantics and Pragmatics

In this course, Dr Hazel Price (University of Salford) explores the fields of semantics and pragmatics. In the first module, we provide an introduction to both fields, before turning in the second and third modules to explore each field in more...

6 lectures


Dr Hazel Price

Salford University


China – The Second Sino-Japanese War and Maoist China, 1937-76

In this course, Professor Yang-Wen Zheng (University of Manchester) explores the history of China from the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-45) to the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. In the first module, we think about what China was...

7 lectures


Prof. Yangwen Zheng

Manchester University

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